Ok, I am just about ready to put up my first post. I  must admit I am nervous to start this thing called “blogging” but I have been told to just  “dive in” because I would be surprised at how many people want to talk about the things I will be blogging about.

Before I begin, I have some thanks.

First to Michael Smith and his PrincipalsPage.com blog. You can find the link to his page under the contact link above or in the list of blogs that may interest you on the right column of the page. I can’t thank him enough for answering all my many questions (some at some REALLY late hours…do we ever sleep?) and his good advice on blogging. He even answered one of my questions in his blog. Nice.

Second, to my friend Tasia (no, I won’t throw her last name out there in blogworld) who after I told her what I was thinking about doing helped (ok, came up with) create the name for the site. Great minds do think alike. Hope you enjoy what you helped bring into existence!

Third, my dad who convinced me to blog. I’m not sure he (or I) knows what he has got me into. 🙂

Lastly, to all my friends in the “Friday Club” at McCormick & Schmick’s who were very supportive of the idea and are excited to see it come to life and read what I have to say. To Kim, Phil, Norm, John, Jim, Kyle, Kathy, Frank, Julie, Tasia, Jennifer, Sam “The Man” (from Tin Fish), and any others who have traveled in our little but ever-growing circle, I love you all and know that YOU ARE THE BEST!! Thanks for all your love and support. Knowing all of you since we met has enhanced my life in ways I can’t imagine or put into words. You all are the best friends a person could ever have.

So everyone, get ready. I hope you will enjoy reading my musings and give me yours. I have one more addition (which probably won’t be the end…these things tend to take on a life of their own) to this site before I fully launch it and release it out to sea (so to speak), so get ready and I will talk to you soon!

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